Water is Open for Business!

The time has come to switch and save on your business water bills. On April 1st 2017 the English water market was de-regulated, meaning all businesses can now choose their water supplier. Scotland have had this in place for some time now, allowing businesses to look around the market, compare deals and nab the best rates available. In the same way as an electricity or gas review, all we need is a copy of your business water bill so we can run you a quick quote to compare all major water suppliers across the market therefore offering you the very best deal. There are options for all.  We can review anything from a small high street store to a large multi-site organisation, so get in touch today and take advantage of this opportunity.  Don’t miss out on potential savings.  There has been a surge in business water quote requests so keep up and get yours now. We’re already analysing many bills, and have organised quotations and transfers for a variety of customers through our long standing relationships with the largest water suppliers in the country.  


  1. Switch & Save
    Here at 1st Communications we’re working with thousands of UK businesses to help achieve the most favourable rates available.  We will compare your current rates against the best market deals and help you switch and save on your annual spends.  Ask us for more information now, and find out how we can help with your energy and water management.
  2. Multi-sites
    If you have multiple sites to manage, we can help!  We can consolidate your water bills, saving you the hassle, administration and time spent speaking to different suppliers.  To save time, money and stress, get in touch now and we’ll support your business needs.
  3. Large Business
    If you are a larger business needing more support than choosing a new supplier, we have a team on hand to offer consumption, validation and reduction analysis.  Our specialists will recommend the most suitable supplier and management plan for your business needs.
  4. Offers
    We have special offers available if you’re looking for support in servicing your electricity, gas and water.
1st Communications will support you in making smart business decisions and achieving great savings on your electricity, gas and water today.   Water